I am delighted to welcome you to the Aquinas High School website. Aquinas High School provides an excellent environment not only for outstanding academic performance but also for all round well being of all the students. The School ensures that the students academic, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs are fully catered for in the School.

Aquinas High School’s teachers, parents, the Parents Teachers Association and Board of Management all work together to ensure that the students are well taken care of. Teachers meet with parents and students during Academic Clinics that are organized to discuss the students performance and progress in school.
Aquinas High School has 263 KCSE candidates this year. The School currently has a mean grade of 7.8 but we are targeting is to reach a mean grade of 8.0.

In 2015 the major projects that Aquinas High School will be embarking on in upgrading the IT Department and introducing e-learning in the School. Also the School intends to upgrade and modernize the library and kitchen.

We welcome you to Aquinas High School


MOTTO: VENI + VIDI + VICI - "I came, I saw, I conquered"


Aquinas High School is a boy’s, boarding and secondary …

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ICT Department


   The head of department

Mr. Mutai

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